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With the Collaborative efforts of asMODus and Ultroner, the Ohmsmium II was created.

With the Collaborative efforts of asMODus and Ultroner, the Ohmsmium II was created. The Ohmsium II is crafted from the sought after Stablilized wood to make a beautiful masterpiece. The making of the Ohmsmium II is handled with much love and care, from the custom molding process of the body, to the gold plated stainless steel. The featured chipset on the Ohmsmium II is the GX-80-UL! This chipset allows for an unregulated experience, that also has a plethora of protection features. 


The Ohmsmium II is similar in many ways with the Luna Squonker mod, one major difference is the aesthetic and how the body was made. The elegant body was machined from a Stabilized wood block that has been treated and dyed with care. The block is then carefully contoured with our precise machining to fit into the vapers hand perfectly. The body is then treated with a clear coat to help protect from moisture and temperature. The clear coat also reduces any potential chance of cracking, or warped wood making it more durable than past stabilized wood mods. The Ohmsmium II is operated by a single oversized firing button that provides tactile feedback to replicate a mechanical keyboard to please the user with its distinct click.



The asMODus x ULTRONER Ohmsmium II  mod has a chip that to protects the user from a plethora of safety issues!


There is a LED light within the Ohmsmium II to indicate there is an issue located above the fire button.


The chip protects the user from these issues:


Negative Polarity;the LED will flash green when you install the battery correctly, the LED will not flash if installed incorrectly.

When the user’s battery hits 3.3v the mod will shut off, protecting the mod, battery health and most importantly, the user;the LED will flash RED five times indicating your battery is at 3.3v.

The mod will automatically shut off when firing the mod for over 10 seconds to prevent any auto-firing moments.

The LED will flash red if the Luna detects a short in the user’s atty.

When the Luna Squonker mod reaches over 85 degrees, the mod will shut off automatically to prevent any accidents.

Technical Specifications



Dimensions 90 x 55 x 40 (mm)

Single 18650 required (Not included)

Constructed of Stainless steel and Stabilized wood

Atomizer resistance range:0.1-3.0 ohms

Fits up to 25.5mm attys and tanks with no overhang




Package Includes


1x asMODus x ULTRONER Ohmsmium II

1x Carrying bag

1x Wood Buffering tool

1x Microfiber Cloth

Warranty card



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